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(Example: How can I use HTML in my broadcasts?)

How do I promote my URLs with WebTrafficMonster?

To promote your URLs, first you must bring people into your network below you.

Once you've done this, your network will start growing virally on its own.

If you are a Platinum Member, your broadcast will go out to an additional group of people other than the network you build, called your Platinum Bonus Network.

This network is a group of random people, and its size is calculated every time you send a broadcast, and is based on the number of people who have not received too many messages recently.

Once you have a network to send to (either by building it yourself, the Platinum Bonus Network, or both), you can send broadcasts to it by clicking "Send Broadcast" from within our application.

You may promote any number of URLs you have through a broadcast, although we recommend limiting it to one per broadcast so your message remains focused.

Your broadcasts will pop up right on your recipients' desktops, bypassing all spam filters and possibility for getting lost on the way.

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