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Do I need a website to make money with Web Traffic Monster?

No, you don't need a website to start making money with Web Traffic Monster. All you need is join some company's affiliate program and promote their products.

If you haven't joined any affiliate programs yet please follow the steps below:

1. Click Here , then you will see a huge list of affiliate programs displayed in the google search. You simply pick one that you like from the list to join.

2. After you joined an affiliate program you need choose a product you would like to promote.

3. The company you have just joined then should provide you an affiliate link for you to promote the product with.

4. Now you can compose an advertisement message with your affiliate link in the message.

5. Broadcast your message to your network in Web Traffic Monster. If you want to have an large network to broadcast your message to then you can upgrade yourself to a Platinum Member then you will be given a network of 2,000+ people instantly.

6. When people read your message, if they are interested in the product you are promoting they will click you affiliate link and buy the product.

5. After the product is sold the company you just joined will pay you a commission.

That's it and it is that simple :)

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