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(Example: How can I use HTML in my broadcasts?)

How can I build a network from scratch? None of my friends are Internet Marketers.

We've noticed that most sites out there don't provide enough help for people who are starting from scratch.

To fix this problem, we spent a long time designing strategies and tools designed to help people specifically in that position.

Check out the "Starting from Scratch" section, which can be found by clicking "Build Your Network" from within our application.

Everyone we've heard from so far who used the tools and ideas we presented in that section has a fairly decently sized network now.

If you want to be able to send messages to people even if you haven't built your own network, our Platinum Membership might interest you.

As a Platinum member, every time you send a broadcast, it will go out to a random group of people in addition to your network (even if there is nobody in your network).

This random group of people is new every time you send a broadcast, so you can reach a lot of people this way. Its size is based on how many people have not received too many messages recently.

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